Proper grammar is racist, and so are you

Based on a statement from the Writing Center on “antiracist and social justice work”, the University of Washington has declared that there is “no inherent ‘standard’ of English“, and therefore trying to enforce a standardised version of the English language would perpetuate a form of grammar and syntax racism, if you will.

In other words, if you don’t have quite a full grasp on spelling and grammar, you get a free pass. I guess the grading system for how well we communicate our thoughts clearly and effectively is now redundant.

The statement goes on to list its goals, which includes the wonderfully vague “be reflective and critical of the practices we engage in”. I assume that, much like the English language, that point can be interpreted in any way you choose, however, I think what they are trying to encourage is for students to constantly be aware of perceived ‘systemic racism’ that some believe permeates society as a whole. It also wishes to enforce a discussion on various social justice topics and to “challenge conventional word choices and writing explanations”.


This form of postmodernism hearkens back to when a UCLA professor was called a racist for correcting grammar and spelling issues on students’ papers a few years ago. The argument against ‘proper’ grammar seems to be that, as part of a racist society, it deliberately disadvantages ethnic minorities, (black people in particular) and therefore to reverse standardisation would give everyone an equal footing. Sounds good right? But now understand the implication in that statement: how condescending (and dare I say discriminatory) it is to assume that minorities cannot uphold the same standards of grammar as everyone else, and therefore need special treatment because they can’t manage it on their own.

The increasing presence of social justice and extreme left wing groups on campuses is a trend that I’ve observed for a few years now. They employ bully tactics such as harassment and doxxing to get what they want under the guise of ‘antiracism’ and progressivism, when what a lot of them really crave is power. This is demonstrable when universities ban specific speakers from appearing on campus and give nebulous reasons for doing so. Even prolific feminist Germaine Greer was dis-invited from various universities for holding views that go against the dominant narrative. This is why I believe universities are no longer places where ideas can be challenged, debated and advanced. In fact, these campuses are fast becoming places where debate is being stifled, and a lot of it is due to ‘liberals’ bullying administrations until they get what they want.

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